Database driven ?

... as a small organisation, club or society you will, for example, most probably need to retain the details of your contributors, membership & their roles.

All of this is where a database comes in.

If required, StratoSOFT can design secure, bespoke, relational databases as part of any plan, using proprietary, licenced database technologies. This maintains the information you need to have on hand and ensures that it is always available.

Shopping cart ?

... conventionally this would be achieved by employing shopping cart software within your website.

StratoSOFT typically uses CubeCart™, a long established, customisable solution for this purpose and has implemented this for small businesses in the past.

Website hosting !

... websites developed by StratoSOFT are hosted on advanced, dedicated webservers supplied by Linode®. This means that the Linux operating system and all software needed to create an operational webserver is installed from basics by... and is maintained by StratoSOFT.

This gives full control over all aspects of webserver operation, which crucially includes security... e.g. no StratoSOFT implemented webserver ever has external root access.

All communications are served by secure 'https' & 'ssh' protocols, using very strong public / private key encryption.


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